Kinderdance® the leader in developmental dance and gymnastic programs for young children. The philosophy of Kinderdance® is to offer quality developmental dance programs combined with educational concepts to children. The programs are designed so children will have fun while learning. We specialize in bringing our program directly to child care facilities, schools and community centers.

All programs are taught by experienced professional Kinderdance® teachers who specialize in dance and gymnastics education for children ages 2-12. All Kinderdance® programs stress development of physical and language skills, imagination and socialization while building self confidence and self esteem. Children learn creative movement, ballet, tap, gymnastics and modern and multicultural dance skills while also learning age appropriate educational concepts.

The Kinderdance® programs strive to offer quality and convenience at a moderate cost by offering programs directly at child care facilities, schools and freestanding locations throughout Brooklyn, New York City around the country and around the world. Kinderdance® offers five programs specially designed for children ages 2-12. All programs blend educational concepts with many forms of movement and dance. The programs help develop gross motor skills, movements creativity and body awareness. Kinderdance® programs blend physical skills and creative movement, gymnastics, fitness and dance with educational concepts. The blending of these disciplines insures that each child has a optimal learning experience.